Jon Devine is a third degree black belt. He is also Hamilton Tae Kwon-Do's fitness consultant, certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine in personal training, corrective exercise, and sports nutrition.

Fitness Consultant

Jon Devine

USA KKA Certified Instructor

USA KKA Certified Instructor

Chris Devine

USA KKA Certified Instructor

Kimberly Devine

USA KKA Certified Instructor

Jessie Devine

Jessie Devine has 19 years of martial arts training and a national championship fighting title. A fourth degree black belt, Jessie is now a coach for the Bitteroot Dragon Brigade and specializes in weapons training and team choreography.

Kim Devine is the head instructor at Hamilton Tae Kwon-Do. She is a fourth degree black belt with 25 years of experience in the martial arts. Proficient in self-defense, she is also an excellent fighting coach, with several undefeated seasons. Mrs. Devine also founded the school's competition team, the Bitterroot Dragon Brigade, which has gone on to win seven national championship titles.

Chris Devine started at Hamilton Tae Kwon-Do in 1978. He has studied in a variety of martial arts for 50 years, including Tae Kwon-DoTang Soo ​Do, Moo Duk Kwan, and military boxing. He ​is a Vietnam veteran, a self-defense expert, and the vice president of the USA Korean Karate Association. Although Hamilton Tae Kwon-Do focuses on a traditional style of Tae Kwon-Do, Mr. Devine incorporates all he has learned when he teaches his students.

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